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Board of directors

  • Mr. Long Zidong

    Mr Long Zi Dong, 38, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. Mr. Long founded OEEA in 2001. He is overall in charge of the management of the Group with a particular focus on new business developments. He has extensive experience in the industry and has been involved in the Asset investment and art businesses since 2001. Mr Long has completed many projects involving the establishment of network engineering, as well as the processing of Technical development of watch automatic winding chip,And the development of a model for quantitative automated trading of hedge funds. Mr Long graduated from the University of Zhongshan with Business Postgraduate degree. Mr Long was appointed to the Board on 31 October 2019.
  • Ms. Lin Xing

    Ms. Lin Xing, 40, is the group's chief operating officer and executive director. Ms. Lin is one of the founders of OEEA and is responsible for overseeing and managing the group's business units. Ms. Lin is an expert in the baby clothing and baby products industry. She has nearly 20 years of industrial management and operation experience.
  • Ms. Chen Yan

    Ms. Chen Yan, born in 1987, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in 2010 and joined OEEA China in June 2017. She is currently the director of the finance department, the chief financial officer and director of the Chinese company.
  • Mr. Li Rong

    Mr. Li Rong, born in 1988, joined OEEA China in June 2019. He is currently the director of the Security Department, a member of the Fresh Food Division, and a director.
  • Ms. Wang Yu

    Ms. Wang Yu, born in 1996, graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2019, joined OEEA China in June 2019, and is currently the Minister of Public Relations Legal Affairs, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and member of the Animation Division director.

Supervisory Board

  • Mr. Wang Anren

    Mr. Wang Anren, born in 1963, a construction engineer, currently the director of the audit committee, the director of the human resources committee, and the chairman of the supervisory board.
  • Ms. Lin Pei

    Ms. Lin Pei, born in 1953, is currently the director of the Discipline and Supervision Sub-Committee, the director of the Ethics Compliance Committee, a member of the Audit Committee, and an executive supervisor.
  • Ms. Zhuo Bi

    Ms. Zhuo Bi, born in 1965, is currently a member of the Audit Committee and a standing supervisor.

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